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Structure and Production Capacity

Valmor, a true visionary, is born in the city of Caxias do Sul (RS) to an Italian family with nine children. At the age of nine, he feels the need to help his family so he got his first job in the company Sétimo Canali painting wood barrels for wine storage. Around 1952, at the age of 12, he learns the art of stacking wine bottles in the company Vitório Bosi.

Valmor remembers that at this time in 1955, the eve before the April 21 holiday, he worked extra hard to make enough money so that he could go to watch a soccer game of the team he cheered for, Juventude, who was playing against Flamengo. Five years later, he goes to work in a carpentry shop producing parquet. Soon he realizes that this was not what he wanted to do and that he had more talent in sales. He is given a chance to work together with his uncle, Severino Pettefi, at a type of small grocery store. During this phase, while working at the counter selling all different types of products from the store, he became adept in mathematical and negotiation methods and since then, Valmor did exceptionally well in mental calculations without making mistakes.

In 1966, he is promoted to a position of greater responsibility and after a lot of hard work, he took on a management position at a gasoline station at the Ana Rech intersection, which is where he later would get to know his wife. Valmor Mari was married to Mrs. Graciema Albé Mari in 1971 and thus needed to rise to new challenges in order to support his wife and children and to earn a living as a prospector. He panned for precious stones, what he considered precious, at Santa Lucia do Piaí in Caxias do Sul (RS). He would fill the trunk of his car and would take them to sell in the city of Soledade (RS) for the best price he could get. It was very hard work, but it is what he had to support his family. Two years later and after showing his talents and dedication to hard work, he became the Sales Rep for Dois Irmãos Lumber Mill, owned by his father-in-law, Eduardo Albé.

In 1977 he begins the company AMG Construções (Albé, Mari, and Guerra), a family-owned contracting company, himself as salesperson. AMG Construções built two residential buildings, two houses, and one hangar. The recent partners decide to purchase a single-motor airplane in order to bring to fruition an old dream of becoming farmers. Valmor and his brother-in-law, together with his children, planned on flying from the Salgado Filho airport to the city of Osório (RS). In the first 3 hours of flight, a serious accident occurred making an emergency landing necessary, traumatizing everyone onboard. Because of this fatality, Valmor decides to change the direction of his life and gives up on his dream to become a farmer. Knowing the high operational cost of keeping up an airplane, he decides to sell it and later closes the activities of AMG Construções.

Around 1989 the lumberyard also closes its activities, making it necessary to find new areas to represent. It has been twenty-four years now, remembers Valmor, twelve of these years have been spent in the waiting room, which reinforces the thesis that it is not enough to want to be a sales person, you need to have the desire and the gift of this profession.

The visionary entrepreneur perceives the strong tendency for business in this segment so he continues to make innumerous trips throughout Rio Grande do Sul representing the São Luis Packaging Industry and Formolo Lumber from Caxias do Sul (RS) with a strong representation in the companies AGCO and Springer, both in Canoas (RS). Because of Valmor's absence from the office, he depends on his son, Rafael, who begins to give the needed customer support during his father's absence.

The company and the projects grow gradually until a crisis shakes Multinjet's largest customer due to Mexico's Moratorium, completely ceasing the activities with that country and seriously affecting company's segment. Because of this, the job opportunities became very scarce and Valmor's concern grew every day. Other than AGCO, Multinjet also had Springer in Canoas (RS) as a customer, (with exclusivity) and supplied packaging and components for air conditioners, made of wooden wedges supplied by São Luis, Styrofoam provided by Tupi, and cardboard by Licesa. A chance arises to purchase a piece of land for building the company and Valmor grabs at the opportunity and there invests all his assets. Later, he builds his own pavilion of 600m2 on a piece of land with 800m2, with a modern installation and with his own investments on Rua Angelina Gasparetto Sebben, in the De Lazzer district, in Caxias do Sul (RS).

In March 1996, the São Luis Ind. of Packaging lays off the services of Valmor without any warning and the country's economy begins to pass through a very difficult time, which gives rise to the agricultural crisis and because of that, the customer AGCO closes all of its activities. This was a very difficult period for Valmor because he needed to find an outlet for the business, which practically stopped. The effort and dedication must have been even greater because not only was there the responsibility with the company, which also included Rafael's work, his son, and five employees, but he also had to support his family. He carved out a path with great effort because he knew that he could not make a mistake and that he had to find opportunities worthy of continuing the business.

Five months pass with no customers and without representations. Until a factory that makes tubular beds sends eight units for Valmor to represent. After making some contacts and doing a market research, he could tell that there was a lot of competition in this segment and that the market was saturated. At this point, after analyzing in depth the components that made up the tubular bed parts, he becomes interested in the finishing and shine of the bed ends and gets the idea to become more informed about the coloring process of these parts. He looks for more information in bulletins, trade shows, folders, but all of them were vague and many times were wrong. Because he knows Italian, he decides to talk to the manufacturer of the equipment in Italy and finds out that their Sales Rep is located in the South. Soon he gets in contact with the Sales Rep and has his first contact with companies that own metallizing machines. It is sufficient to say that Valmor fell in love with the metallization process.

Valmor and his son Rafael take a trip to Italy to get to know first hand the manufacturer, the process, and the metallization market. His son stays in Italy for a while longer in order to gain more knowledge of the machines and equipment and working with the mixing processes, special paints, varnishes, and this way gains expertise in the vacuum metallization systems. Valmor returns to Brazil confident and ready to get into the metallization segment and begins to work on a project to purchase the machines. The project was so well put together, due to clarity and confidence in business, that it was warmly received by BRDE, at that time presided by Mr. Vitor Faccione. It was 5 years of financing and 1 year of grace, but this challenge only reinforced the intuition that the business would go over well and that it would be a very good undertaking. The project approved quickly and to Valmor's surprise within 30 days everything had a green light.

In June 1996, Valmor goes to receive the machines and equipment along the "Rota do Sol" (Road of the Sun) confident in his commercial expertise and in the business that he would be initiating. The technicians arrived from Italy to do the assembly, structuring, installation, and to give the first training for carrying out the production. The long-awaited vacuum metallization company is born with modern equipment and Italian technology. The new activities begin in June 1996 with a new focus and promising future. During this period, companies begin to pick up strength and the orders begin to roll in. AGCO begins to make orders and the market gives signs of gaining momentum. Months of adjustments were needed on the machines, processes solidified, prospecting of customers, and dozens of samples made. Finally, the first metallization invoice was issued in May 1997. This was a milestone of a very promising future for a company ready to open new market fronts in the area of metallization of materials. This was a year of great significance in the professional life of this entrepreneur who had worked so hard, with much drive and satisfaction, to see his business prosper. Because of this, one more Sales Rep was contracted for the area of metallization, which brought new customers and more work.

In October 2000, Multinjet purchases the most modern vacuum metallization machine in Brazil and this time the prosperous Multinjet easily receives the approval from financial institutions for the purchase. This state-of-the-art machine is unique, fast and effective in this segment, as well as having the most modern configuration in terms of metallization of materials. Thanks to the exceptional quality in the metallization process, the company expanded, machines with advanced technologies (vacuum metallization) were purchased, new employees were contracted, the production line increased, and the quantity of items grew. At this point, the company needs qualified personnel and Valmor begins to count on the help of his daughter, Greice, in the company's administrative area. The business prospers, the name of the company changes to Multinjet Tecnologia em Metalização Ltda, and his children become an integral part of the company due to their effort, dedication, commitment, and professionalism in the work they have provide to the Valmor Mari family.

Inheritance from the Parents:
Respect everyone, independently of color, race, or religion.

Memory Lane:
To contract an employee, Valmor remembers what his grandfather always taught him. The candidate had to pass the box test (at his grandfather's time it a basket of grapes): This test consisted of leaving a box/basket with materials in one corner of the room. If the employee picked up the box correctly and quickly, he was contracted-if not, he was not hired. This was a simple test, but very effective and until today continues to give results.

A message:
Honesty and Strength of Will - be honest with your customers, have a lot of drive, always tell the truth, share your problems, and be honest with your partners.

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