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Our History
Structure and Production Capacity

In order to ensure customer satisfaction through the quality of the services provided, Multinjet began to implant a Quality System that is based on the ISO 9001 norms. This certification should be awarded in 2007.

The services that Multinjet provide result in a perfect finish due to the high quality that the customers demand. Multinjet ensures sophistication and beauty for your products because we make your complete satisfaction our highest aim. In order to measure customer satisfaction levels, Multinjet carries out a Customer Satisfaction Survey every year. This shows the flawless results of our services. In this way, the company ensures excellence in the quality of the services it brings to its customers.

Control Methods:

The Quality of the services provided by Multinjet is submitted to the following test cycles: Visual Exam Test, Masking Tape Test, Reticulum Test, Friction Test, Cosmetic Resistance Test, and Abrasion Resistance Test.

Environmental Effects:

Ecological awareness and constant preservation of the environment are part of the company's objectives. That is why Multinjet takes special care with the water it uses in its painting process. During this treatment, all the solids that could possibly be harmful to nature are removed from the water and only then does it return the environment. Through these means, our company shows their commitment to preserve the quality of its products and at the same time maintain the ecosystem's equilibrium. Because of this awareness, all the waste generated in the company is sent to locations specifically prepared for this purpose. Through this, Multinjet has an effective control over its wastes, which meets all legal requirements since its processes are authorized by governmental organs.

Our commitment to quality also extends to the environment. The company invests in the Environmental Management Program through its employee's awareness with the purpose to achieve the ISO 14000 Norm certification.


ISO 9001 Predicted for 2007
ISO 14000 Date undefined.

Our History
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